Our Products can be purchased from a wide range of sources in our Network as listed below. Please see links below for more details regarding our Distribution Network and to purchase our products. 


1) Directly From Us - Our Depot- NEW PHYSICAL STORES COMING SOON!!!!!!



* Order on this site


* Click on the watsapp icon on your screen to order directly on Watsapp!!


 2) Our Authorised Agents

Our Authorised Agents (Franchisees) operate a Professional Dog Food Delivery Service. Agents are direct extensions of The DogFood Depot®. To find the Agent in your area, click HERE



3) Pet Stores/ Pet Nutrition Stores

Our Quality brands are available at selected Pet Stores or Pet Nutrition Stores, Nationwide. For info regarding which Pet Store you can purchase from, please CONTACT US


4) Home Delivery Partners

Home Delivery Partners operate a home based dog food delivery service in various areas around South Africa. Delivery Partners are independent operators and run their own businesses. CONTACT US to find your nearest Home Delivery Partner.